Activities held since 2006 onwards
The first activity, initiated as the inauguration ceremony as well, has been started with a panel on ‘Housing in Two Extreme Contexts: Ultra Poor and Ultra Rich’ by Dr. Karim Hadjri from University of Arab Emirates, exploring with “Palm” housing development and constructions in oil-rich Dubai, while Dr. Fuad Mallick, Chair of the Department of Architecture, BRAC University, Dhaka, Bangladesh explained the almost primitive housing attempts in rural Bangladesh, on Aprıl 17, 2006.

Following, a Lecture on ‘Housing Research Methodologies’ has been held on 21st of June 2006. Guest speaker is Prof. Dr. Ahsen Özsoy from Istanbul Technical University, who is director of Housing Education Research Center: HREC of ITU.

Afterwards, U-HERA’s One-Day-Workshop was supervised by Dr. Beril Özmen Mayer under the theme of ‘ Psychology and Grammar of the Streets of Maraş’ , and following the night workshop by Dr. Nesil Baytin under ‘Mediterranean Outdoor Life’ at the same day on 29 july 2006, within the International Summer School: “Revitalization of Street Space in the Mediterranean – Nicosia”, which was a joint effort of ‘Chamber of Cyprus Turkish Architects and ‘CO-ARC’: North Africa Architectural Associations with students and tutors from visiter countries: Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Turkey.

Graduate Seminar on “Transformation of Mass-Housing” has realized by the contribution of Dr. TAHAR BELLAL, Senior Lecturer, from Department of Architecture, Setif University, Algeria on 14th November 2006 as a SPIKE activity open to the university students by the center

Educational Efforts
It is conducted within the framework of educational activities by the center, who are members of HERA in the fall term of the academic year of 2006-2007, as a Master course on Housing Studies. “ARCH 567 Informal Studies on Housing I” is about ‘theory and practices in housing’ by the staff Members: Nesil Baytin, Beril Özmen Mayer, Türkan Ulusu Uraz, Hıfsiye Pulhan.

As a second contribution to the education in relation to “Housing Research” has been continued as “ARCH 570 Informal Studies on Housing II” in the fall term of the academic year 2007-2008 by the staff Members; Beril Özmen Mayer and Nesil Baytin.

Elective course on Housing Issues have also been implemented such as “Housing Design Principles” by Beril Özmen Mayer and Danny Goldman in the spring term of 2006-2007; and “Housing Psychology” by In fall term of the academic year of 2007-2008 by Beril Özmen Mayer.