Frequently Asked Questions

Information about NORTH CYPRUS

North Cyprus enjoys the benefits from the Mediterranean climate with long hot summers, short winters and little rain. The temperature during the conference is expected to be around 25-26 degrees Celsius and not much rain is expected.


The population of North Cyprus is less than 200.000. Here are the populations of major towns:
Nicosia: 45.000 (Capital)
Kyrenia: 12.000
Famagusta: 11.000 (Not including the 13.000 students of the EMU)
Morphou: 6000 The rest of the population lives in the villages.


People of North Cyprus speak Turkish as the native language. But a big majority speaks English. Greek is also very common among senior citizens.


We drive on the left in Cyprus. There is a considerably light traffic on the main roads. Only during the rush hours you may experience some dense traffic in town centres.


The city energy in North Cyprus is 220W European standard. But the plugs are UK standard with 3 sockets.

Local Transportation

There are hourly and half-hourly minibus services between major towns and 24-hour taxi services available. There are many car rental companies and you can hire a self-drive car during your stay. Please contact our travel agency for more information.


Official local currency in North Cyprus is the New Turkish Lira (NTL). However every shop accepts Euros, GB Pounds, American Dollars and/or other major currencies. You may pay a shop or a taxi in any international currency and get the change back in Turkish Lira.

Here are the current exchange rates for New Turkish Lira (NTL) and Cyprus Pounds (CYP)
1 € = 1,8 NTL
1 $ = 1,4 NTL
1 GBP = 2,7 NTL

VISA Requirements

Nationals of European Community member countries, Israel, USA and Canada do not need a visa to travel to either North or South of Cyprus. But if you want to make a stopover in Istanbul for a few days before or after the conference you will need a visa for Turkey which can be easily obtained directly from the immigration office in Istanbul Airport.

For other nationals please contact us or the nearest Turkish Embassy to you in order to find out if you need a visa for North Cyprus

Accommodation Alternatives for the Conference

There is a cheaper choice of accommodation offered by the university. With the fee of (8$ for the students, 12$ for other participants) you may use the university dormitories that is reserved for the conference and other activities.
Also, there are hotel alternatives that you may have the price list in the conference web-page.