First call for
"Doctoral Studies on Housing" Joint Symposium organized by HERA-C and HREC

The inspiration for organizing an allied symposium on Doctoral Studies on Housing emerged from the diversity and richness of the themes and issues in 'Housing Research Area. The Symposium expects to attract many young researchers involved in postgraduate theses as well as academicians whose studies are ongoing or recently completed in between 2002 and 2008. Housing has always been and still is a main topic of concern in different research fields. Hence, aim of the Symposium is setting up of a scientific platform to stimulate diversity in research topics on housing. This platform will be presented and discussed by researchers and academicians who would like to contribute to the academic field by questioning and challenging the relevant issues. It is, also, vital to establish a network for housing researchers to exchange ideas, shared interests, and to develop academic partnership for the further research and collaboration.

The Symposium welcomes the contributions which furnish works for:

Abstracts of approximately 1,500 words should be submitted by February 10th, together with pre-registration forms. All abstracts will be published in the proceedings. Abstracts should follow the format requirements announced on the Symposium website where pre-registration forms are, also, provided.